Solar that Really Works!




This book covers all RV and similar firms and uses of solar energy

* Cabins
* Camper Trailers
* Caravans
* Motor homes
* Fifth Wheelers
* Smaller homes

Originally written in 2006, the virtually all-new and expanded Solar That Really Works! (3rd edition) brings this now globally book totally up to date.

As with all of author Collyn Rivers’ books in various fields it is unique in combining scrupulous technical accuracy with an unusually clear use of plain English. It thus appeals equally to those experienced in engineering matters as to those with no previous technical knowledge.

 It is enabled by the author’s unusual combination of experience gained in earlier years as a motor industry research engineer, with that of a later career as a magazine editor and founder of ETI (that he developed into the world’s largest selling electronics magazine). He later became a successful technical writer and publisher – who, naturally, lives in all solar powered homes one (in Broome), designed and built by Collyn and his wife. It is described in the book. He also designed and installed solar in his off-road vehicles – including a big OKA.

Solar That Really Works! (3rd edition) covers every conceivable aspect of the use of solar in holiday cabins, camper trailers, caravans and motor homes. It explains what everything does, how it works, how to assess individual needs and how to design a system accordingly. And then, in detail, how to put every bit together.

The author’s now well known recommended approach is to deliberately over-design in terms of solar, but never battery, capacity. That way, systems will continue to work even in times of little sun and now costs only a little more to do.

It is of value not only to those planning a new system, but also for those many seeking to fix the inadequacies of only too many non-performing systems. (In that latter connection, the author has been commissioned to produce preparing a (written) course for auto electricians working in this area – in conjunction with AAEN – (the major trade publication in the vehicle electrics field). Many solar installers and RV makers use it as their working guide.

Thanks to ever growing local and now global sales enabling larger print runs, the new book is 24 pages larger, is in four colour throughout, and printed in Australia on top quality stock – yet still sells at its original 2006 price. It is now in a fully bound format using a hi-tech polyurethane reactive binding technique that enables it to open almost flat without damaging it, yet withstands both freezing and well over 800 C.

Solar That Really Works (3rd edition ) is stocked by several major distributors, including Jaycar Electronics, and Altronics stores nationwide, Rod Irving Electronics, Renew Magazine, Silicon Chip etc.

It may also be purchased directly from the publishers (Caravan & Motorhome Books, PO Box 356, Church Point NSW 2105 – (telephone 02 – 9997 1052), or directly via Library sales are via James Bennet in Sydney.

The ISDN is 0 9578965 6 5 and ISBN13 is 978-0-9578965-6-7. It is 96 pages plus four-page cover in A4 format. The recommended retail selling price is $42.50 including GST. Both wholesale and retail enquiries are welcomed. The printed book is available now and will be available in digital eBook format later this year All enquiries please to the address above, or to 02 9997 1052. Email is [email protected]

For large home and property (and grid connect systems) see its companion book Solar Success.


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