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Ensuring successful solar first time and every time is 100% possible. Successful Solar Books shows how to design and build your home, property or RV solar.

Solar Success ensures you can do this for homes and properties. Solar That Really Works! likewise ensures you can do this for cabins, caravans and motor homes. Tens of thousands of people worldwide use these constantly updated books. They have done so since 2003 with total success.

The ensuring successful solar approach

Ensuring successful solar initially requires slashing existing energy use. You can do this with absolutely no loss of amenities. Doing this alone thus assures you save thousands of dollars. Solar Success and Solar That Really Works! show how. You can do it at little or no cost except the price of the book/s. Both include real-life fully-costed examples. The books explain every aspect of designing and building your successful solar system. And at minimum cost.

coconut well air pool view

The four 120 watt solar panels seen here adequately power the 48 volt dc solar-only circulation pump. No batteries are needed. This ensuring successful solar approach saved over A50,000! Full details of how to do this are in Solar Success. Pic: 

In particular they show how to assess current energy usage. Installers invariably do that – and scale the system accordingly. The books show to to minimise that first. And only then design the system accordingly.

The ensuring successful solar approach – how to save huge sums 

Huge sums can be saved. Here’s a real-life example of the ensuring successful solar approach. Building an all-solar swimming pool using conventional 110/230 volt pumping costs a huge amount. It is consequently not economically practicable. The actual example below cost a mere A$7500 for all solar and pumping components. And zero power bills. Solar Success shows you how, using readily available components and at a fraction of the cost. Why not do this too?

 coconut web small

We first designed and self-built the solar system. That done, we that power to self-build our cyclone-proof home. It is in the Kimberley region of remote Northwest Australia. Please see: 


Solar on roof Church Point1

Our now grid-connect solar home in Sydney initially used over 30 kWh/day . Despite more lighting, a larger TV and two ponds, usage was slashed to 4.5 kWh/day in summer and 7 kWh/day in winter. The changes cost less than A$2000. We now have almost zero power bills. Pic:

Ensuring successful solar for RVs

Solar That Really Works! (now in its 4th edition) assures you can design, install and use solar in recreational vehicles of all kinds. Furthermore, it will work every time. For constantly ensuring successful solar every time (as with our other books) we update regularly. 

 Ensuring successful solar articles

 This and other brief ‘ensuring successful solar’ articles help you know if your plans are practicable. Furthermore, they also explain how you can make huge savings.

Our books – Solar Success and Solar That Really Works! explain all you need to know from there.

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